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Planning for Elevator Installations

Mobility Concepts offers a large variety of residential elevators and lifts. Sizes, loading configurations, finishes, and drive systems make planning for each elevator unique. We've also provided the typical "Work by Others" sheets for each of these elevator types to ensure that builders/architects allow for these in the early design stages.

Use the planning guides for initial designs, but do not use them as final construction documents. It is quite common to increase hoistway sizes by a couple of inches in both directions for ease of installation and pit depths are typically increased to 10 or 12 inches.

We will gladly assist you during the planning and budgeting phase to incorporate an elevator or lift into your project requirements. Contact us for our typical 'Work by Others' sheets so that the individual state code requirements are incorporated in addition to the manufacturing requirements.
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Our local team offers hands-on service even after the sale. We will work with customers, builders and architects to incorporate elevators into any project.

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